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Monday, July 31, 2006


the last 2 posts have the same date because i pated them from my old bloog address! yeah i forgot the pwd for this one :p
im bongi i know!! per khair :p
i did it! finally.. and all by myself alhamdulillah :D :D :D :D
cooked everything myself for the first time (talkin bout formal dinners)
so it was fun! alhamdulillah again!
chicken karahi
shashlik (chinese rice with chicken n tomato gravy)
russian salad
french fries

anyway im glad that i did it :) alhamdulillah

story of the day
A person came to the prophet saw and said "o rasoolullah! i love u so much"
the prophet saw replied: "think well before you say this."
the person said, " i have already given it a thought. i love u v much, o nabee of Allah"
the prophet saw said "think once again before you declare such a thing."
the person said, "i still love u so much"
the prophet saw then said "well if ure sincere in wat u say, then b prepared to face hardships and want coming to u from all directions, for it pursues all those who love me, as swiftly as water running downstream."
so now dont feel unhappy about it.. if u face hardships etc :p if u love Allah and his prophet saw then u'll have to go thru many difficulties n worries.. we bettertake a lesson from this incident.. hehe :) i have heard this thing from so many ppl.. who are trying to b a "good person".. that when they try to b good.. they face more difficulties.. but now we know that its natural.. so dont worry so much!!


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well Said

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