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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ok back!

hmm its been ages since i posted anything here! have been so busy! well as i have resigned now.. i will have lots of time to blog :p insha Allah!
im gona join a gym soon! i wanted to join it today BUT i am sick! so i'll have to wait for a few more days :s
so omer introduced me to this sis.. i saw her on omers cousins wedding.. she was the only girl in abaya (other than me) so i remembered her.. didnt remember any of her siblings though :p shes nice masha Allah! and she gave me lots of tips!! we dont have any good gyms here :s i miss "shapes" in lahore :/
anyway lets see what happens!!!!
anyway.. i was reading that surah fatiha is a cure for all ailments! and that if we recite surah fatiha with a firm belief it cures all diseases (spiritual or wordly) eternal or internal!! there is a hadith which said if we recite surah fatiha and surah ikhlas before going to sleep.. we will be safe from all dangers except death! :)
alrite panadol cf is taking over me... i cant think anymore :p


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