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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

dedicated to batool fatima!!!

i was just telling omer about batool yesterday.. that a friend of mine went to lebanon and that she works for AAJ. i told him that ive never met her in real life. today, at 9 am when i was being lazy and didnt feel like getting out of the bed.. omer told me that shes on tv :) i jumped out of the bed to see her.. im soooooooo proud of her!! i always wanted to do sumthing like that.. too bad im not capable of it. i wanted to b a journalist.. (thats why i took journalism in BA :p)
when i was doing my masters..i thought that i'll work with a ngo! but it didnt happen.
i just dont know who to contact? or how am i going to help them! but in my heart i have this desire of doing something for the people. i wish i could do sumthing :/
thats why i respect ppl who are in this profession! not for fame.. not for money.. but to serve humanity! i love u batool :) cant wait to read about Qana! (yes! shes in qana right now!)

story of the day (goat's head)

a sahabi received a goat's head as a present. he thought of a neighbour who had a larger family and was in greater need of it than himself. so he presented the head to him. this brother sent the goats head to yet another person whom he considered even more deserving than himself. the goat head is thus said to have change hands no less than SEVEN times. at last it came back to the original person from whom the circulation had started. :)

this story makes me wonder how the sahaba used to spend their lives.. in poverty and yet they were selfless.
we have all the luxuries and still we are running after money? i know many ppl who are very rich and still they dont even give zaqaat :( may Allah guide us all.. aameen!
ramadan is coming.. i hope we'll give as much zakaat as we can :)aameen [nothing wrong in overpayment of zakaat!] (remember the story of ubay ibn kab when he was collecting zakat? :))

once again! love u batool!!! :))

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

what happened to men now a days? :(

i didnt sleep the whole night yesterday.. was chatting to this girl (my sils friend).. shes such a nice girl masha Allah! n shes having these probs.. thanx to her mil :(
her mil was visiting them..n i duno wat happened to her.. her mil got jealous of her and started telling her son stuff.. and in return he asked her to leave the house :( he said she should go to her cousins house for a few days n come back later.. as she doenst know any1 else there.. her family is in pak.. so she had to go to her cousins house.. n when she went there..he told her to go back to pak :( and that he is going to take revenge from her because she made his mother sad!?!?!?!?
uff wats wrong with men now a days???
when she told him that she cant forget him and its impossible for her to live w/o him.. he said just go back and u'll forgive me in a month or two!
why are men like that?

this reminds me of the incident of mugheeth and barirah

the prophet saw interceded for one who was in love to reunite him with the woman he was in love with, to remarry him but she rejected. when the prophet (saw) saw Mugheeth walking behind her, his tears pouring down wetting his beard. the prophet saw said to her: "would u not go back to him?"
she asked, " o prophet (saw) are u commanding me to do so?"
he answered: "no, i am only interceding (for him)."
so she said: " i have no need for him."
so the prophet said to his uncle: "o abbass! are u not amazed at the love of mugheeth for barirah, and her dislike for him?"

where are such men now?!!