want to devote myself to religion! make dua :) and a devoted wife :p (want to be :p:p)

Monday, May 21, 2007

remembering the good times..

well this is my 2nd attempt to post a blog today :) i dont have gym on mondays. so i stayed at home for the whole day.. alone.
yeah omer was busy with some important house chores :| checking out a new car, dropping a cousin, bringing auntys meds etc etc..
anyway, i am addicted to LOST. we watched 2 seasons in 3 days i think. hehe
we went to get the third season but as its still running on the tv the master print wasnt available. so omer suggested to wait for a few more weeks! i can't wait :p
i like Sun a lot. she's a caring wife. sawyers smile is too cute! and john is a nice person BUT its because of his total commitment to his profession that he ended up getting a divorce. he should have thought about his wife as well.
anyway.. locke rocks! hes the cool dude :D
lets see what happens in the next season!
ok arabic word of the day:

(أصلع) – aSla’, noun


  1. Bald
and now one picture!
the first pic i took from my mobile :D it was a lovelyy day! we went to wah garden! it looked beautiful. it was foggy :D the water so clear that we could see the fish swimming in it clearly :D Masha Allah :D :D

Friday, May 18, 2007


alrite.. the weather is awesome today! :D alhamdulillah
just went to track 3.. my hubby did hiking and i enjoyed :p oh i haven't been writing much.. i had an accident.. broke the windscreen through my forehead.. thank god it wasn't that serious. the scars are still there though.. been a month almost.. but they are fading. :) alhamdulillah
i miss my parents. i miss my mother. mothers should b loving. they should express their love openly. in my opinion everybody should do masters in eng lit :p (as a regular student). communication prob destroy relationships :| that was always a main theme in almost all the texts.
anyway... i like Arabic word a day email! i think i should post it everyday here so that we can all learn together :D I'm posting todays word of the day..

(هناك) – huna_ka, noun


  1. there

ok fatee went to hunza and sent me lots of pics.. yes i am so jealous of her :p lol! (i miss her a lot :( ) i am gona paste one of the pics. i wana go there right now! :|